Recipe Index

DF - Dairy Free
GF - Gluten Free

Breads, Muffins, Biscuits
Banana Nut Coconut Muffins - GF, DF
Chocolate Cake Doughnut Balls - GF, DF
Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins - GF, DF
Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts - GF, DF

(also see Shakes and Smoothies)
Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Herbs - GF, DF
Banana CocoNutella Crepes - GF, DF
Buckwheat Banana Nut Coconut Pancakes - GF, DF
Coconut Flour Pumpkin Pancakes - GF, DF
Leek, Mushroom and Swiss Chard Savory Tart - GF, DF
Steel-Cut Oat Porridge with Date, Nut and Spice Compote - GF, DF
Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs and Swiss Chard - GF, DF

Cakes and Cupcakes
Coconut Flour Chocolate Cupcakes - GF
Coconut Flour Carrot Cake - GF
Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake - GF, DF
Key Lime Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting - GF
Layered Grapefruit Cake with Buttercream Frosting - GF, DF
New York Style Cheesecake - GF
Pear Ginger Cake - GF, DF
Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake - GF
Raw Strawberry Shortcake Pops - GF, DF
Raw Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake - GF, DF
Strawberry Shortcake - GF

Almond Joyfulness Bars - GF, DF
Chocolate Truffles - GF, DF

The BEST Fajita Seasoning - GF, DF
Cherry Compote (Sweet/Savory) - GF, DF

Cookies and Brownies
Black Bean Brownies - GF, DF

Crisps, Cobblers and Other Fruit Desserts
Fruit Pizza - GF
Peach Cobbler - GF, DF
Plum Crisp - GF, DF
Strawberry Ginger Rhubarb Crisp - GF, DF

Desserts, Misc.
Banana CocoNutella Crepes - GF, DF
Darkly Decadent Chocolate Pudding - GF, DF

Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)
Almond Milk and Almond Flour - GF, DF
Homemade Deodorant - GF
Vanilla Extract - GF, DF

Main Dishes
Kimchi Dumplings with Asian Cabbage Salad - GF, DF
Mini Corn Dogs - GF, DF
Shepherds Pie with Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes - GF

Baked BBQ Chicken - GF, DF
Cobb Salad - GF
Grilled Chicken Salad with Candied Pecans and Apples - GF, DF
Chicken Piccata - GF, DF
Thai Red Curry Chicken - GF, DF

Black Bean Burgers - GF, DF
Leek, Mushroom and Chard Tart - GF, DF
Polenta Skillet Pizza - GF, DF
Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs and Sauteed Swiss Chard - GF, DF

Savory Spinach, Mushroom and Bacon Crepes - GF, DF

Garlic Sauteed Swiss Chard w/ Noodles - GF

Pies and Tarts
Banana Cream Pie - GF, DF
Raw Pineapple "Custard" Pie - GF, DF
Strawberry Glazed Pie - GF, DF

Polenta Skillet Pizza - GF, DF

Rice, Grains and Beans
Black Bean Burgers - GF, DF
Black Bean Brownies - GF, DF
Hummus - GF, DF
Lemony Parmesan Brown Rice - DF

Cobb Salad - GF

Salad Dressings

Shakes and Smoothies
Pumpkin Shake - GF, DF

Hummus - GF, DF

Hummus - GF, DF
Kimchi Dumplings with Asian Cabbage Salad - GF, DF
Sweet Potato Fries - GF, DF