Friday, March 25, 2011

Garlic Sauteed Swiss Chard with Noodles

*This recipe is linked to Seasonal Sunday over at Brittany's blog Real Sustenance. She is so inspiring, you have to check out her amazing recipes!

I made a resolution to post pictures with each recipe, so here you are! They probably won't be the most beautiful photos, but I'll post a picture.

Garlic Sauteed Swiss Chard with Noodles
Serves 4-6

3 TB extra-virgin olive oil
1 head garlic, minced
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 pounds Swiss chard (I used Rainbow Chard, but Green Chard will work as well)
1 pound whole grain spaghetti (I used this GF Brown Rice Spaghetti, sold at Good Earth)
2 large Roma tomatoes
1 1/2 C fresh grated Parmesan
pinch of red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste

1. Cook pasta al dente (this cuts the starchy carbohydrates down significantly). Drain, reserving 1 cup of pasta water. Set aside. If using GF pasta, check product instructions to see if it is recommended to rinse your pasta.

2. Remove the leaves of the chard from the center stem. Discard the stems and coarsely chop the chard.

3. Heat oil in a 12 inch heavy skillet over medium heat. Cook onions and cook until translucent, about 3 minutes. Add garlic and cook an additional 1-2 minutes. Add tomatoes and cook an additional 2-3 minutes.

4. Add the chard to the onion mixture and mix well to coat with oil. Cook 5-8 minutes until leaves are tender. Add a pinch of red pepper flakes.

5. Add the cooked spaghetti and reserved pasta water to the skillet and cook an additional 2-3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from heat and stir in grated Parmesan. Serve immediately.

Serve alongside a grilled chicken breast, or cut up the chicken and throw it in the mix. :)

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