Monday, May 16, 2011

Avocado Energy Shake

When I was in college I had a few friends that served church missions in Brazil. They always talked about avocado shakes and how delicious they were. I always thought they were crazy. Avocados in a sweet shake? Insanity! They insisted it was delicious. You see, in Brazil avocados are really considered a fruit. They do not eat them in savory dishes, always sweet.

Fast forward 10 years to Oahu, Hawaii. My siblings and I are walking through Chinatown and I see a vendor selling avocado shakes. Well, now was the time to prove them wrong about avocado shakes. I ordered one Avocado Shake with Black Pearls (HUGE black tapioca pearls). After my first sip I was hooked! They are creamy, vanilla-ey, goodness. I tried a few times to replicate it while in Hawaii, but didn't have too much success. I could never get it quite right, probably because I wasn't using ice cream.

Well I am happy to say that I not only perfected it, but I made a healthy avocado shake. The egg adds protein and good fats. The avocado and coconut cream add more good fats. The chia seeds add more protein, Omega 3 fats, and a whole list of other things. Don't let the idea of an avocado shake keep you from trying it for 10 years like me!

Avocado Energy Shake
Serves 1

1 cup milk/dairy free alternative
1/2 perfectly ripe avocado (firm, but give slightly when pressed)
1-2 raw whole pastured eggs (or a scoop of protein powder)
1 TB coconut cream or milk
1 TB chia seeds
1 tsp vanilla extract
stevia to taste
3 ice cubes

1. Combine all ingredients except ice and blend until smooth and creamy. Add the ice and blend until ice is crushed and shake is thick.

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